Geox #startbreathing

Role: Head of Art + Design

Working at Doner London I oversaw the development and implementation of the Geox #startbreathing global integrated campaign.

The History
Geox is an Iconic Italian shoe brand famous for its breathable sole technology. But as shoe design has advanced, Geox has become less relevant, especially to a younger, fashion conscious market.

The Challenge
The business challenge was clear… We needed to breathe new life into the brand, and get a new generation to think differently about Geox. The good news was we had a new range of shoe designs to work with.

To change the way people thought, we tapped into a shift that was happening in society, where wellness and gathering life experiences are becoming a mass movement, not a niche trend.

The Idea
We turned to one of the worlds top fashion photographers and directors, Rankin, to help us tell this story in a more unexpected way. To show how Geox’s breathable sole technology allows you to move more, and when you move more, you see more, when you see more you experience more, and ultimately, when you experience more… you live more.

To fulfil our mission, to get a new generation to #startbreathing, we used the most relevant channels and platforms in a way our new audience would appreciate.

We started by intriguing them on social media and followed up by using mass channels to drive consumers towards When they got there we rewarded them with beautiful pieces of shareable content and put people just a click or two away from owning a pair of shoes.

The Results
• 250,000 pairs sold at launch
• 650% increase in year on year sales
• A massive 10% increase in share value in launch week
• 2.5M microsite views in 1 month